Welcome to my self service portal !

Here you can contact me at David Savery Electrical Services Ltd.

This whizzy web portal allows you to create a your own request for my services. Every request is automatically assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and the responses online.

For your reference I provide complete archives of all your requests logged via this portal allowing you to log in and review your history. A valid email address is required in order to submit a ticket, but rest assured I won't pass it on to any third parties or use it to send you any sneaky unsolicited communications. Please remember to include a phone number and to check your spam folder if you don't receive a reply within one working day. If you already have an open ticket regarding a job, please send any updates as replies to the email you received rather than opening a new ticket. It just keeps things neater at my end.

If this all sounds like too much faff, then don't worry, you can simply send an email to office@dses.uk and a ticket will automatically be created for you.

Before using this thing, please note that this method of communication is only for those with genuine queries regarding my website or services. If you're a sales bod intending to spam me, rest assured you will be added to my email banlist and your ticket will be flushed into the ether. Nothing personal.

I reserve the right to close any open tickets without notice if it looks like they've come to a dead end. Opening a ticket is no guarantee of a response or availability. I do my best, but bookings tend to be heavy and responding to messages can fall by the wayside.